British Riding Clubs Area 21

Updated 11th July 2019

!! Area 21 Horse Trials !! - 19/06/2019

Please read the following information carefully!

Unfortunately Area 20 have made the decision to abandon the running of the Horse Trails competition this year at Llanymynech due to continued wet weather and ground conditions.

This means all those entered will not be able to compete in an Area Qualifier for this competition this year.

All clubs will receive a refund from the organisers in due course. However each Club will have to make a decision as to weather or not they want their teams / individuals to be entered into a ballot which will decided who goes forward to Championships.

If your Club decides it does not want to enter the ballot process then they must inform HQ before the 1st July and they will be issued a credit note by HQ for any Prelim Entry Fees paid.

If your Club decides it wants to enter the ballot system then the Prelim Entry Fee will not be returned, also declaration forms form team and individual entries will have to be sent to me by the same date 1st July.

The results of the ballot will be posted on the 3rd July and returned to HQ for eligibility checks and then invitations for Championships will be sent.

Any questions are to be directed to myself and I will only deal with 1 Team Manager per Club!!

So when contacting me please make sure you state which club you are representing, and individual members should put all questions through their Team Managers.

Please can you all be aware that the following has been looked into and is NOT possible for one reason or another.

a) Hold with another Area

b) Hold an alternative competition in Area 21

I am sorry to be the barer of bad news and hope you understand that these matters out of any ones control and all options have been considered and been consulted on.


Jonathan Pett

Area 21 Rep 07977336654